The Shakedown- Postlude Part 1- Hitting the trail

Setting out on my hike to run all of my gear through the paces. See how I utilize AllTrails, Map My Walk, and set the pace for my mile hike around Green Lane Reservoir in Pennsylvania all in preparation for my section hiking of the Appalachian Trail.

Trail Tourist- Green Lane Reservoir and the Man Scout

I met Mike Sedor through a work buddy.  I was told that Mike had recently retired as a carpenter and was Thru Hiking the AT last year when he got injured and had to come off the trail. After an email introduction, Mike and I decided to get together and have coffee.  Three hours laterContinue reading “Trail Tourist- Green Lane Reservoir and the Man Scout”

The Shakedown Part 1

The Plan Now that I have my gear in order and my pack loaded, I think it is time for a shakedown hike.  “What’s a shakedown?” It’s a test run.  Plain and simple.  Here’s what I’m doing Thursday morning I’m going to Green Lane Park.  An amazing place surrounded by great trails, fishing, and recreationalContinue reading “The Shakedown Part 1”