Gear Talk- Selkirk Bear bag, Sawyer SP160 Gravity Bag, Alcos Alcohol Stove

Food safety and prep on the trail is essential to any good hike. Check out what I’ll be taking out onto the AT with me later this year

The Shakedown- Postlude Part 2- Can I get a Witness?! And some water?

Part 2 of my Shakedown hike at Green Lane Reservoir. Follow along as I meet Matthew, run out of water, and experience a good hearted trail magic.

The Shakedown Part 2

The Gear I have spent so much time collecting and putting together my pack for the AT that sometimes its easy to forget how much there actually is that goes into living in the mountains for a few days with everything you need on your back.  It feels like every time I turn around thereContinue reading “The Shakedown Part 2”