The Shakedown Part 2

The Gear

I have spent so much time collecting and putting together my pack for the AT that sometimes its easy to forget how much there actually is that goes into living in the mountains for a few days with everything you need on your back.  It feels like every time I turn around there is something more that I think “Oh yeah!  I’m gonna need that”

Some of the gear you’re going to see here I have talked about already. Much of it I may have mentioned but I will talk more about them in posts to come.  I want to actually use some of in the field to be able to talk it with some experience.  I will not only share those post separately, but I will update this post with links to those reviews so that if you want to come back to this gear list and learn more, it will be easy to find each item’s in-depth discussion.

Here is the full breakdown of my pack.  This includes my food and water.  I’ve tried to list all of the brands and models of what you’re seeing below.  The only items missing are a few very small incidentals and my camp clothes which I imagine will add no more than a pound to a pound and a half.

My Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 is strapped to the outside of the pack.  Behind that is the compartment where my Sea to Summit Comfort Plus mattress and pillow reside. I went big on the mattress.  I felt like I’d be very tired at the end of each day and a good nights sleep will be critical.

More info about the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 can be found here in my post Meet Big Agnes- My Tent

I broke my inside gear down into different bags to make them easy to grab when I’m looking for something. All of my cooking equipment is in the Red bag.

The Orange bag is medical and emergency supplies (notice the protective care around the TP)

The Blue bag is Fire starting and my deuce of spades for cat hole digging.  I’m confident that first time sharing the woods with bears for that deed is going to be a memorable experience. 

The black bag Is my quilt.  I went with a quilt instead of a sleeping bag because I know how I toss and turn.  Besides, this one is super light and probably the best on the market. Enlightened Equipment is the choice of so many experienced hikers, I could resist getting one

Food and water is a great deal of the weight.  I went with a camel back system instead of carrying bottles.  You can see how the bag holds two liters of water.  A hope with a valve at the end attaches to one side of the bag.  I put the bag into a special sleeve inside my backpack and run the hose up to my shoulder.  Then, when I want a drink, I just open the valve and take a sip.  I went with a Sawyer gravity fed water purification system for ease.  I can fill that camel back fairly quickly while I rest.

I bagged my food up for the two days I’ll be out on the trail.  My goal was to be under 2 pounds per day for food and I hit 3.3 with two meals not being needed (I’ll eat breakfast at home on Thursday and Dinner home on Friday).  I’m pleased with the arraignment so far.  We’ll see if its’ too much or not enough.  That’s what this shakedown is all about!!

I’m also taking some electrolyte powder and some Nutella for the bagel.  The extra bag is for carrying out my trash.  I have a spare water flask that I’ll be using just to restore my electrolytes at the end of the day.  I’ve never used the powders before so I’m curious to see how they work and how my body responds to them. 

Throw in some camp shoes, a collapsable canteen, and a selfie stick and I’m ready to hit the trail!!

It truly is amazing how much work goes into getting ready for even two days.  I know that the next time it will be easier, but there is a constant running list of what could be forgotten going through my mind.

That’s the gear.  Ready or not that’s what is going with me.  Check back tomorrow for updates.

I’ll see you on the trail!

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