Baby, it’s cold outside

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written here but with the holidays and the weather there have been a lot of things going on.  But now that the new year is here there is a lot to update you on and several trails and stories to talk about.

Some of the biggest developments for have been around finalizing the big parts of my gear, meeting and hanging out with Mike “Man Scout” Sedor (much more to come with that), and learning that my times are not as bad I thought they were.

I’ve also learned a lot about myself and my body over these last few weeks.  I learned that I don’t like night hiking.  I did my first one right around Christmas.  It was kinda intense and I was just in the woods near my house.  I scared the crap out of a bunny and myself when he hopped his furry ass in front of me unexpectedly 5 minutes in on my first night.  I was never so glad to be alone at that moment then when that screech came out of me like a little girl.  I’m a little ashamed.  I admit it. Add that to all of the reflections of eyes (deer, fox, who knows what) just out of the range of my headlamp and I’d rather not do a lot of those hikes.

I learned that I really don’t like hiking under 30 degrees and with the wind.  Once I discovered that my hike times weren’t as bad as I thought they were I’m finding little value in putting myself through those experiences.  I feel like I can utilize some cross fit training and gym time to condition myself without the pain of frost bite.

I also re-discovered my love of hiking to music.  I hiked almost 40 miles Christmas week and by the end I was a bit tired of the silence.  I had heard this from other hikers but thought to myself “I’ll be a purest and listen to nature and the thoughts in my head” .  Yeah.  They told me to put the music back on.  I have since then started curating a classical music playlist of my all-time favorites.  I enjoy the climbs to classical far more than any other genre and it grounds me to my roots as a classical percussionist.  If anyone would like that play list I’m happy to share.  And yes…. It does include Appalachian Spring by Copeland.  I couldn’t leave it off the list

A lot is planned over the next few weeks and months.  I’m excited and can’t wait to share it with everyone.  The support I am getting from all of you is amazing and I love talking to you about your experiences and insights about hiking and walking for fitness.  Please share your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas with me.  Several of you have reached out about doing hikes together so I think there are going to be some amazing group experiences coming in the spring.  I’m trying to figure out the balance on this blog as well.  What is too much content?  What is not enough to be interesting?  Video vs Writing?  Please email me you thoughts at .  I’d really like to hear them

Alright!!  Time to hit it!  See you on the trail!!

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Philly guy hiking his way to fitness

2 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold outside

  1. Looking forward to chatting about night hikes. My fav runs of all time are at night!! But I have to run with music or it’s too spooky for sure. Looking forward to comparing notes 🙂

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