The Mighty Boot – Part 2

I started doing a lot of reading about footwear, and socks, and something amazing I don’t know how I hadn’t heard of before called sock liners.  They are gods gift to hiking OMG.  What learned pretty quickly from seasoned AT hikers is that boots like the ones I had are old school and don’t really cut it any more.  They are too heavy.  They don’t breathe well enough so your feet get funky and they are too rigid causing a lot of foot problems like the ones I have already discussed.  Its all about the new hiking shoe boot hybrid thing and everyone has an opinion about them.  It was time for REI.

What a wall of boots.  I was not prepared for this.  Good thing the guy working the section seemed to know what he was talking about.  After some new measuring of the feet and discussions on how different brands run narrow or small I went in on a pair of Oboz Bridger’s.  OMG they give amazing comfort.  They fit like a sneaker but support like a boot.  The tread is ridiculous.  All in $138 well spent on something that I think will save my feet.

Additionally I bought a pair of sock liners.  I’ve learned that cotton socks and hiking don’t go together.  Cotton doesn’t handle well when it gets wet.  The sock liners and my good old fashioned woolies seem to be fitting the bill.

First official piece of gear in the bag!!

Published by Michael Brookshire

Philly guy hiking his way to fitness

One thought on “The Mighty Boot – Part 2

  1. Didn’t know hiking was such a tech sport now. Cool! Have a friend here in FL. That hiked a decent portion of the AT but didn’t say about his boots. I will have to ask him now. Keep up documenting!

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