Laying the Groundwork

I decided I needed to start checking in on some real-life resources to figure out what I’m going to need to do to accomplish this.  I did a quick Amazon search and found a few books, but not a ton.  Most have been written by thru hikers and few are fictional.  There are quite a few books on hiking in general but I was two jumped to the top of the list for me. Big Bob Olson’s book “Hiking the Appalachian Trail- One Section At A Time” and “How to Hike the Appalachian Trail” by Chris Cage.  I have included links to their books on Amazon below.

The first one is a quick and interesting read (only 60 pages).  Chris’s book is much longer and he thru hiked the trail at a pretty young age.  I downloaded it on Audible and listened to it driving to Indiana, PA for work.  REALLY insightful and told me a lot about the real experience of the Trail.  He also had a lot of good info about the gear and what he would change next time.  Its already influenced what I’m doing right now from a training perspective.

If anyone comes across any other suggested readings, I’d like to hear about them.  I feel like I can’t know enough about this before I go.

Bob Olson suggested getting the “AT Northbound Guide” by Dave “AWOL” Miller.  I picked that up.  It is like a Rand McNally book of the trail.  The detail is insane and will serve as my guide in my section planning and my survival map on the trail.

Then there is the movie.  Walk in the Woods.  I don’t know what to say about this film.  It had great shots of the trail and gave a good view of some of the areas I’ll be seeing.  The story? Meh. Nick Nolte and Robert Redford walking the trail to give meaning to their lives?  Left a lot to be desired for me.  Any other suggestions for great outdoor movies?  I’d love to hear about them!!


Hiking the Appalachian Trail – One Section at a Time: A Plan for Section-Hiking the AT, Without Giving Up Your Day Job
Learn more:

How to Hike the Appalachian Trail: A Comprehensive Guide to Plan and Prepare for a Successful Thru-Hike
Learn more:

I want to recommend this product at

The A.T. Guide Northbound 2019 Bound
by AntiGravityGear, LLC
Learn more:

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